How to apply

(Updated, May 2020)

First, read the section of this website that tells you about the sorts of projects we like to help.

If you think you fit our criteria, then please  send us an email to giving us the information below, in the order we are asking for it, so that we can copy and paste the information into our administration system.

If possible send it as plain text an email, not in an attachment such as a Word document (this saves us time, when it comes to cutting and pasting the data).

What we need to know:

  1. Contact Name, address (including postcode), telephone number and email.  [this is probably you!]
  2. Name and address of the Project you are applying on behalf of, plus its telephone number and email [a lot of this information may be the same as in (1.), of course].
  3. Name and address of a UK charity which is willing to accept a grant on your behalf, plus the name of a contact we can talk to at that charity. Again we need its email and telephone number and also its UK Charity Registration number.  Don’t worry if you have not got this information now – but we WILL need it before we can send you a cheque.   (The charity information may all be the same information as for the project, of course.  But if you are running a small project like a summer play scheme and are not a registered charity, you can almost always find a local body to accept the money on your behalf).
  4. It helps us a lot if you also give us the account name, bank sort code and account number of the charity’s account into which you would like a grant to be paid. We make electronic payments where possible rather than sending cheques.
  5. Tell us about the project. Who does it help? How big is it? Is it new, or already established? – and so on.  Have a look at the Page ‘Who we help’, before you write this.  If possible, attach things like scanned newspaper clippings about your project to your application email.   We would like to see evidence of community support.
  6. How much money are you asking for from us?
  7. What would you spend the money on? Please give a rough breakdown and an overall budget.
  8. How else have you tried to raise funds, and how have you got on?
  9. Have you previously ever received a grant from The Wakeham Trust?

That’s it!

If you do not hear from us in a month, please email us a reminder . We are volunteers, and inefficient. Please forgive us.

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