Some projects we have helped recently

  • For the first time, we created a project of our own, as a pilot scheme.  We set up (and ran) a week-long summer course for academically able sixth formers in a West Sussex comprehensive school with no history of sending people to Oxford and Cambridge, to help them get ready for university applications and interviews.   This involved creating a source book for students to work on in the weeks before the course, then providing a week of face-to-face workshops and teaching.  We would be interested to receive proposals from other schools which might be interested in establishing similar courses.
  • Money management courses for young people in deprived areas  by the Churches in Weymouth and Portland.
  • Helping teach English to refugees and immigrants who want to work in the social care sector, in Chard in Somerset.
  • Young volunteers offering beach lifeguarding in the islands of Islay and Jura.
  • A patchwork quilting group for vulnerable adults and OAPs in Swindon.
  • The creation of a Wildlife Pond and and wildflower beds/banks on the expanse of landscaped grass at the rear of an ‘extra care establishment’ in Tewksbury: help with access for the disabled.
  • A drop in cafe for 11-18 year olds, open from 3.30pm- 6.00pm 4 afternoons a week in Stoneleigh.  It aims to provide youngsters with somewhere they can go after school where they can meet others, chat, play table tennis, pool.
  • A  Nintendo Wii club in the Gloucester Chinese Resource Centre (which sits between a social housing estate and an over-55’s retirement village), to help people get gentle exercise and get to know one another.
  • £300  to subsidise camp fees for 4-5 disadvanged families in Dartford, enabling their children to benefit from the full range of Scouting activities…
  • A “Bikeability” course for special needs pupils, mainly boys, who have long requested the chance to learn to ride a bike. Some have co-ordination problems and most have not managed to do this simple childhood task.
  • £300 to help a small volunteer led group of 10-15 local older people who have been meeting on a fortnightly basis at Gateshead Older People’s Assembly offices,  led by a former Miner who has an interest in local history. … Members encourage each other to share their memories either verbally or by bringing along items such as photos or keep sakes.
  • A homework club  for children whose parents are from Swahili background living in Salford, who are “struggling a lot at school and face particular difficulties due to the lack of English language skills.”  The project offers  supplementary and additional support covering subjects such as English, Maths and Arts while giving them extra curriculum in French.
  • Sponsorship of a hostel and schooling programme for HIV positive children in Pondicherry, India (an example of an overseas project we were able to support, because we knew the organiser personally, and could vouch for the quality of the management of the project).
  • £600 for livestock for an urban garden – organised by a 16 year old Somali refugee, who reckons his British neighbours don’t know about the countryside, or farms.
  • £300 for bike riding for autistic children
  • £1,000 for a community garden and bike repair for, and run by, refugees

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